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Positive Affirmations for Kids

Positive affirmations are affirming about good things or pleasant situations repeatedly so that universal energies align them in order to have abundantly enriched lifestyles or life. More than this it’s all about enjoying peaceful life. FOOD: 💕I like milk, I love to sip it, It’s good for me. 💕 I love to

My Journey With Books

What got me into reading??? My MOM. She first bought me a Geronimo Stilton book and asked me to read it. I didn’t want to spend my free time reading books as I thought it was useless so I just kept it aside. After few days, she started pestering me

When Infants Cry

When infants cry, it’s normal that we end up being panic, not knowing the reasons why infants cry. I tried blessing my granddaughter when she was an infant. This may sound strange, but believe me…(am grandmother) this really works. First I thanked her for choosing me as her grandmother ..then